Can You Keep Doubling Your Bet Until You Win?


At some point in time, several casino users may have used the “double your bet until you win” strategy to gain a victory. Multiple players are still in the belief that doubling the bet until you succeed is a promising technique that always ensures a win. The Martingale strategy is quite simple, but it is also risky at the same time.

Out of all strategies, the Martingale roulette technique is so far the most prominent strategy. However, keep in mind that using this baccarat Martingale strategy does not always work and sometimes can lead to more losses rather than giving profits. To answer all the essential questions about the double your bet until you win strategy, we have put together this guide.

What Is Doubling Your Bet Until You Win And How It Works?


If you are interested to follow this double your bet until you win strategy, start playing casinos, and get lucky creek no deposit codes. Generally speaking, the Martingale system is relatively simple and precise. You begin wagering with a particular amount (i.e. $4), and after every loss, you will have to double it up until you win. If you lose in the first round, you need to bet $8 in the second round.

Even if you lose this one, you have to make a bet of $16 because you will have to double the figure. Hence, if you are losing in the following rounds, you must place double the amount as your next bet until you will get a win. You can use this Martingale strategy in almost every kind of casino game. If you want, you can utilize it in Spanish 21 or online casinos.

In addition to that, it retains a few variants as well, including the 1324 system. However, all of them have the same objective, which is to double your bet until you win. To be precise, the belief is, sooner or later, you may get the win, and after you win, you will get enough payout which can cover the previous losses as you keep on boosting the bet.

Best Examples Of Doubling Your Bet Until You Win


Here is an easy example that shows how to utilize the double your bet until you win technique in blackjack.

Choose a blackjack game that has a relatively fewer bet limit. Though it is not mandatory, the bet figure would not reach high amounts, in case you have a limited budget.

Begin the blackjack game like you normally play. You can select either stand or hit options because your ultimate goal is to double the bet until you win. When you start the game with $2, put $4 in the next round, make it $8 in the third round, and continue it until you win.

After you win the game, come back to the beginning bet and imitate the same process again.

Here is another example about Martingale roulette. For this instance, let’s say that you put a $4 bet on a roulette black or red.

Start a minimum bet of $4 on red or black. Because both of them have similar payout and winning opportunities, you can select anyone.

Every round you lose, make sure to double the bet in the next game. Hence, the order goes like $4, $8, $16, $32, and more. You have to continue doubling the bet.

If you win, go back to the initial stage and start the bet again.

Martingale System Calculator


Below is a straightforward example that indicates the situations where the Martingale strategy works.

Scenario 1:

When you begin playing roulette with $1 as the initial bet for about an hour, the average win is $23, and the average losses are $106.

Scenario 2:

If you select $5 as the initial bet and play the game for one hour, the average win will reach $116. Contrary to that, the total losses on average go up to $532.

Scenario 3:

Let’s imagine that you start the bet at $1 and continue to play the game for 8 hours in this scenario. Hence, your average win can reach about $195. On the other hand, the entire losses will account for $117.

Now, many of you might be wondering: Is it possible to earn more profits by playing for long hours? Yes, due to that, many experts say that Martingale’s strategy is best in the long run. Hence, if you have enough funds to continue the game for long hours, you can easily win more profits. In case of a limited or insufficient budget, the chances for you to earn profits is less.

Is It Legal To Double Your Bet Until You Win?


Another doubt that many beginners have: Is the “doubling the bet until you win” strategy legal in casinos, and are players allowed to use the Martingale technique in casino games?

In short, the answer is yes. To be precise, a few casinos encourage you to follow this method. It is because this betting strategy can be a drawback for some users.

Like we said previously, doubling the bet amount until you win is a technique that is quite suitable and advantageous only if you have sufficient funds to play for long hours. The objective is solid: Sooner or later, you will win, get enough payout that is more than sufficient to cover all the losses, and give some profits.

The drawback is that no one is aware of when you will win because it can occur in the third round or last round. If you have noticed, you might know that the stakes boost quite fast, and if you cannot carry on with that, there is a high risk for you to lose your money.

Bottom Line

From the above information, it is pretty clear that doubling the win until you get a win is a promising strategy only if you can wager for long hours. Hence, if you have fewer funds, it is better not to depend on this method.