7 Tips for Decorating Your Room With Wall Panels

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Wall panels are a fantastic way to uplift a home, whether you wish for a traditional 1960s home or you want an interior with a more modern outlook. Add wall panels to a featureless home and see the magic unveiling itself. It gives it a perfect architectural effect and makes your room look elegant and classy.

Wall panels are getting popular every day. People are exploring more and more with these wall panels, which come in a variety of designs. There is a wall panel style to suit every inch of your home, be it a living room or bathroom. You can get wall panels in various high-quality materials and designs.

Paneling is also an excellent way to cover uneven walls, enhance insulation, and even conceal radiators or fireplaces. Learn how to decorate your room with wall paneling in your home with these helpful tips and tricks.

Benefits of Wall Panels

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• Low Maintenance

Wallpaper and plain painted walls may appear to be simple wall treatments, but they often necessitate ongoing maintenance. While both methods are susceptible to scratches, marks, and indentations, wall panels are more impact-resistant. That means you won’t have to worry about periodic touch-ups or wall repairs if you use wall panels.

•  Easy Installation

Installation of wall panels is far less complex than it appears. You won’t have to worry about grout lines, exposed adhesive, or other installation remains, unlike with different types of wall décor materials. Many modern wall panels have a tongue and groove or clip and rail system that makes installation almost as simple as putting together a puzzle.

•  Various Designs

Many current wall panel designs are unlike the darker wood options standard in the old times, which might surprise you, considering wall panels are not advertised as the most incredible option. You can choose from various patterns when searching for wall paneling, many of which reflect natural wood. You can incorporate a natural or high-end design style into your home without employing labor-intensive or expensive materials with a wide range of design options.

You can read here about various materials and wall paneling styles to know more about how they can transform your home.

In addition to benefits, here are seven tips for decorating your room with wall panels.

1. Create Large Windows Using Panels

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A huge window in your bathroom should not prevent you from installing wall paneling.

Jacobean-style panels perform a fantastic job of framing and mirroring the curve of the window. Creating a grid with thin pieces of MDF is much easier than it appears. To obtain the look, space the strips as close together or as far apart as necessary to produce the desired panel size, then paint in a single color.

2. Use Wood Panel As Wallpaper

When you want the look of wood paneling without the expense or effort, a cleverly printed wallpaper can help. Slim slatted wall panels quickly conjure up a minimalist, luxury image, but they’re not cheap. Modern designs allow you to achieve the effect without having to perform any of the work yourself, resulting in pristine walls that only require a layer of wallpaper paste.

3. Create Room Dividers

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Back paneling with cane webbing gives a breezy, boho-chic vibe. It can be used as a room divider or as a statement piece in place of a headboard. Light wood panels with a clear oil or varnish complement the rattan finishes and white linens, but they might also be stained or painted black for a distinct artistic effect. Make sure the webbing is malleable before stapling it. Repeat the panel frame on the reverse for a clean finish if the panel is visible from both sides.

4. Give Your Room A Rustic Makeover

Take advantage of this natural material’s calming effects. Whether made of recycled or new wood, paneled walls are an excellent way to add dimension to a flat area. A stunning alternative to a prominent headboard is a shiplap wall behind the bed. Antiqued or salvaged boards have a characterful, rustic luxury surface due to their natural patina and silvered tones.

5. Replace Headboard With Wall Panels

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Are you looking for a better divan bed? Give the typical hardwood headboard a new spin with stunning paneled art. Make a colossal impression by bringing the paneled item all the way to the ceiling. The rich charcoal finish on the wood not only serves to engulf the headboard space but also gives it a smart look worthy of a boutique hotel. When it’s time for a Sunday lie-in, pile pillows around the back of the bed for a cozy spot to rest your head.

6. Uplift The Dining Space

The soft pink color on the wall quickly adds warmth to a minimalistic dining space, while a slightly darker shade than neutral offers a warm contrast to the clean flooring and walls.

The complex framing, modern dining table, and dark outlined legs can add a stylish component to the space, while the redden tones supplement the contemporary dining set, entailing rattan seats, pendant shades, and natural surfaces of the flimsy pottery superbly.

7. Provide Space For Electricity And Plumbing

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Wall panels are a great technique to hide pipework and electricals. Keep this in mind and leave some room for these components to make the installation process go more smoothly.

Take note of any existing power outlets or light sockets in the area, for example, and factor these into your measurements and cuts. The wooden paneling will blend into the space without blocking anything or seeming uneven in this manner.

It’s also crucial to consider entrances and how they’ll blend in with the veneer. There could even be a fire entrance hidden under the surface, which requires special attention. It’s possible that you’ll have to make the door’s veneer yourself and send it to a specialist fire door manufacturer who can match it.


While there are no magic solutions for home remodeling, wall panels have several advantages that make them an excellent choice for room décor. Wall panels offer both aesthetic and functional solutions for your house, with a wide range of design options and exceptional durability.