Is Airsoft too Extreme for Female Players

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Opening Word

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Humans are creatures who really enjoy having fun, something which can be seen with the sheer number of amazing activities, sports, and games that exist. No matter where your interests lie and what kind of fun you enjoy, there are many things you can try and have a good time. Over the years, humans have come up with some amazing things that are either completely original, or a take on something that has already existed. If you like peace and quiet, you can try relaxing things that can be done alone. If you want adventure and adrenaline, there are countless extreme sports to choose from. It is pointless to talk about each and every fun thing that exists, and there is hardly enough room in this article to even mention them all.

About Airsoft

There is one particular team activity that is also an extreme sport we do need to talk about, and that is airsoft. You have probably heard about it or even tried it yourself. Similar to paintball in both popularity and concept, it involves teams of players equipped with non-lethal guns that shoot special projectiles. The players wear protective gear because the projectiles do hurt when they hit. Airsoft is the most fun when you can assemble a lot of people and have a team deathmatch type of game where two teams fight it out until there is at least one person standing in a team. It can be played in forests, abandoned buildings and construction sites, or makeshift obstacle courses and other ‘maps’ similar to what can be found in shooter video games.

Who Is It for?

Speaking of players playing it and the potential dangers involved, there has always been an argument regarding who should participate in airsoft matches. While most argue that it is not for kids because they can be irresponsible, and because most equipment is meant for adults, there are those who question if airsoft is too extreme for women. A controversial claim like this is sure to turn some heads, especially in this day and age when equality and inclusion are at an all-time high and when gender equality and women’s rights are ever-present in traditional and popular media.

In this article, we will tackle this topic and fact check the idea behind a claim that airsoft might be a sport too extreme for female players. If you want to learn more about airsoft and get educated on the more specific sides of this amazing adrenaline-fueled shooting activity, be sure to check out what advice, tips, and news has to offer.

Why Is It Dangerous?

So why can airsoft even be potentially extreme or dangerous for anyone? Before we talk about why females may not be the best participants according to some, let us talk about the dangers of airsoft. First and foremost, it is obvious that any form of activity that involves shooting out of weaponry is potentially problematic. To counter injuries to the face and eyes, masks and helmets are obligatory. Similarly, to make body shots more comfortable and for the bruises to show less, tactical bodysuits along the lines of what real soldiers wear is standard equipment included in the package. Gloves protect the hands and fingers, so the whole body is covered. The only way things can get out of hand is if somebody removes the protection or fails to put it on properly.

Therefore, it does not matter if the player is male or female here. Since women are generally smaller than men, they require smaller sizes, but airsoft centers have all of them readily available. As long as the player is an adolescent or an adult, there should be no problem with safely putting on the gear and using the guns as intended. Females can do it equally as well as males, just like any other sport or activity that is overall dangerous regardless of the participants’ gender. A woman can take a hit just like a man. They will survive the bruises that come later in the same way and have a story to tell about how they got it.

Usual Participants


Not only is airsoft perfectly well tuned for both men and women, but most matches are mixed with players of both genders on both sides. It is hard to tell who is under the mask and camouflage gear anyway, so as long as you keep shooting and trying not to get hit, it matters little who is across the battlefield.

Airsoft is a popular team building activity nowadays and sees groups of employees playing and enjoying it regardless of the combination of the staff’s gender, age, sexuality, and religion. Get a gun, get the ammunition, put on the protective gear, and shoot your colleagues. There is not much to it, anyone can do it really. This is exactly the beauty of the sport, like every other sport.

You do not see people question if women could or should box, play physical sports with frequent injuries like soccer, handball, and basketball, or be in the army for that matter! Why should a fake war-like game with non-lethal weapons be too extreme for the ladies? Ladies are as tough as guys, in certain cases even more so. Usually, those who are braver and tougher are like that exactly because of the stereotypes and wrong beliefs that they are the ‘weaker gender’ in comparison to men.

Conclusion and Takeaways


Before we finish things off, we would like to mention that airsoft and similarly ‘dangerous’ and ‘extreme’ sports are on the rise among women. Thanks to the initiatives, movements, and campaigns that encourage women, and an overall welcoming attitude to everything no matter who you are or what you look like, many doors are now open for people regardless of their differences. Certain gender segregation attitudes, although not official, were still present and went without saying. This is a thing of the past with extreme sports and any woman who would like to try their luck in airsoft should absolutely do it as soon as they can!