How to Purify Your Home and Take Care of Your Body With Palo Santo


I have long wanted to write an article about cleansing your home. I have noticed how in social networks the issue of using natural products to clean our homes and to protect our bodies has increased in an astonishing way.

The people who are involved in the world of aromatherapy day by day are updating themselves on the use of flowers, incense, essential oils, aromatic candles, soaps, to be able to use at home and protect our families.

For a long time, I have been giving recommendations in forums and social networks about the use of Palo Santo, also known as sacred wood since I have had good results and it is one of the natural products that have the greatest properties and benefits when using it at home.

Before giving you my little advice, it is essential that you know that the palo santo Bursera graveolens is a magical tree that grows in the South American area, mainly in the countries of Ecuador and Peru, and can live between 30 to 40 years.

It is believed that the use of this sacred tree is millenary since the ancient shamans or sorcerers of the ancient Inca civilizations used the palo santo for purification rituals and to heal the sick.

On the internet, you can find many stores that sell this product, but you must be careful when purchasing it, you must make sure that your palo santo is genuine and is made from trees that have died naturally in the forest since if you use palo santo of felled trees you will not be able to enjoy the properties and benefits.

Something very curious is that this sacred tree only manifests its multiple properties when it has died naturally and has rested in its natural habitat for at least 2 years. I purchase my palo santo products from companies that have a reforestation program and make use of palo santo in a sustainable and sustainable way. For more information about Palo Santo products visit >> EcuadorianHands

Clean bad energy and purify your home


It is normal for our home to accumulate bad energies, even more so if we constantly have views. Bad energies not only come from people who envy you or want to do you harm, many times stress, but personal problems that your visit may have can also stay at home, and even we ourselves can accumulate bad energy in our body when we go to shopping or some other place away from home.

That is why it is important that you carry out cleaning at least once a month, in my case I clean my home with the palo santo ground since this product is easy to use and is used to clean large areas of your house, which I do is to grab a handful of the Palo santo powder I place it in the censer and turn it on and let the smoke purify my house.

Remember that if you do this you must make sure that no one is home, and close the windows and when you turn it on leave your home for at least 40 minutes, Palo santo has a woody citrus smell that produces being smelling it for hours, but inhaling Large amounts of smoke can be bad for our health, so it is advisable to do it when no one is around.

If there are people in your house you can purify by areas, in this case, we will use palo santo incense sticks, this is for more personal use and is ideal for small areas. When leaving home I always purify my family with this smoke to protect them from bad energies.

Relieves flu symptoms, pain, and stress


For this section, I use the Palo Santo essential oil as it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties and has a very pleasant and unique smell. There are days when doing housework causes muscle aches, especially in the lower area of my back, what I do to relieve the pain is to use the essential oil of palo santo, reduced with a little neutral or vegetable oil in this case coconut or almond that is good for the skin, I put a few drops of the mixture in the area that I have pain and massage in a circular way, then I cover the area that I massage with a red cloth to increase the flow of circulation and that’s it.

Remember that if you are going to use an essential oil on your skin it is very important to lower it with a vegetable or neutral oil and apply a drop to your hand to confirm that you are not allergic, always ask an expert before using any essential oil.

To counteract the symptoms of the flu, cough, stress, and fatigue I use 5 drops of palo santo essential oil and place them in my aroma diffuser, I let the steam invade my room and its magical woody citrus smell with a slight scent of mint Fresh invade my body, recharging my energies and freeing me from all the symptoms.

If you do not have an aroma diffuser you can also apply a little essential oil previously reduced with a vegetable or neutral oil on the nape, hundreds, chest. You can also use natural soaps made from essential oils that help relax the body, relieve muscle aches and protect your skin.

My daughter is a fan of palo santo soap as she hydrates and protects her skin against blemishes and acne even more as she is going through puberty, she uses the soap in her routine when she gets up and before going to sleep.

I hope that these little tips are useful and you can apply them in your home, leave me a comment or share some tips that you apply in your home to protect your family, remember that before using a natural product make sure that you come from companies that work in a sustainable and sustainable way and are friendly to the environment. Be sure to consult an aromatherapy expert before using essential oils, each essential oil has different properties.