How a Smartwatch Monitors Your Stress Level?

When asked: “How was your day?” 99% of people say: “It was stressful!” Stress is like eating excessive sugar. Working like a slow poison. So, why not monitor and regulate your stress level to a minimum? But the question is: How can we know what our stress level is? Here enters your smartwatch.

The stress monitor feature that almost every smartwatch provides is what you need. Let’s begin with related information now.

How do Smartwatch Measures stress?


It’s normal that this question flies to our minds in many ways. Is there any magician residing inside the watch that is measuring our stress? Or is the watch having a sixth sense? Lol, none of the above imaginations is real! Of course, the measurement of stress is near to accurate, but how is the watch measuring it? Always remember everything in this world works on algorithms. Humans work on algorithms by God & gadgets work on algorithms by humans.

Let’s see what algorithm the smartwatch follow to measure our stress:

Stress level is measured using the Heart Rate Variability. You might be aware that when you are under stress, your heart beats faster than while you are at leisure. So, the smartwatch Stress monitoring feature measures the gap between your heartbeats for a certain time. If the gap is quite low, your stress is bulging. While if the gap between heartbeats is more, you are in the green zone, i.e., the minimum stress zone.

Generally, the number used to show the amount of stress are as follows:

  • 0-25: When you are resting
  • 26-50: Lowest Stress
  • 51-75: Mediocre Stress
  • 76-100: Highest Stress

What Han Pick says about Stress…


Somehow you are not equipped with your smartwatch, and you feel that you are freaking out, try calming your mind.

“Mindful breathing lets users take control of how they handle stress

When we breathe in a controlled, thoughtful manner we gradually lower our heart rate and increase the beat-to-beat variability.

When this happens, the brain gets a signal from the heart that is basically like saying ‘Relax, things are okay! No need to worry.’

When our breathing is rapid and shallow, our heart rate gets fast, and more inflexible.

That’s when the brain and the body get the opposite message which makes us stressed.”

Han Paik (Sr. Product Manager, Garmin)

Take your work lightly when there’s a situation of stress eruption. Because stressing out sometimes turns fatal, causing cardiac arrests.

Additional smartwatch features you shouldn’t miss!


Along with the stress monitoring, your smartwatch should also consist following features:

  • Heart-rate monitoring
  • Exercise monitoring
  • Activity tracker
  • Apps like phones, cameras, music, etc. can be accessed through your smartwatch.
  • Menstrual monitoring for females.

These features also have special algorithms for each. As per your data input, they track your regular activities and help you to stay healthy.

Will the Measures shown in the Smartwatch be accurate?


The reality check is, no smartwatch claims 100% accuracy in the measuring that it shows.

As the readings might change even with the slightest change in the surroundings. For instance, if you are measuring your heartbeat, the smartwatch strictly warns you to stop moving. Or else, the readings might not fall near to accuracy. Even at the time of measuring the stress, the watch should remain fastened on your wrist. If somehow it’s loosely done, the measuring changes and wrong readings are displayed. Hence, if you follow all etiquettes, you may get results that are almost accurate. But… What if you visualize some uncertain results in your smartwatch?

For instance, if your heartbeats are more or less than normal readings, consult a doctor first. And if the doctor says you are fit, your smartwatch is unfit then!

Best Smartwatch Brands [Pros & Cons]


The first name that resides in everyone’s head when they hear about smartphones or smartwatches is APPLE. Yes, it’s true! Apple products are Expensive Luxury that everyone cannot afford. Moreover, they charge more because of the tight-packed security they provide to your data! Compared to Android, iPhones are more secure (and expensive too!)

What about iWatch?


No doubt the iWatch being one of the best smartwatches in the market, but its hefty cost leaves it unbought by many of us. The latest iWatch turns out to be a stand-alone watch that can work without your smartphone. Yes, you can use your smartwatch as a smartphone, but the only constraint is the size of the smartwatch. You can choose an iWatch if budget worries don’t matter. There are many brands that have their smartwatch manufacturing like:

Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, Noise, boAt, Zebronics, etc. These brands provide budget-friendly smartwatches. Also, some of them appear like iWatch. So, if you want a wearable looking like an iWatch, choose a smartwatch from any of these brands. But make sure you know that only outer appearance will be alike, other features will vary from model to model. Lastly, we would like to say, if you still don’t own a smartwatch or smart band, get one! It’s worth it.