Designing a Home Studio


Home office work, which can be done at home, has become increasingly popular in recent decades.

The Home Office, that is, working from home


Home office work, which can be done at home, has become increasingly popular in recent decades. And thanks to the covid-19 epidemic, this method is even more important.

Companies where the home office system works well or have been able to switch to this method due to the epidemic can continue to work, have not had to lay off people, and studies show that working from home has proven to be much more efficient, with 8 hours a day working hours compared to office work. There are many advantages and disadvantages to employees when working in a home office system. Its benefits include saving time and money on travel.

There are companies where colleagues perform their tasks in a flexible schedule according to their own schedule. Discussions and online meetings are scheduled at a pre-arranged time, so virtually everyone can prepare for them at their own pace and manner. However, the home office system also has less advantageous features, as when we work from home, external conditions can also interfere with concentration and attention.

These can be, for example, children playing loudly, running around, playing, or family activities at home, conversations, noise from household appliances…, etc. To write an article, we asked the German Perfect Acoustic for help:

This is why it would be very important for someone who wants to do their job calmly and as accurately as possible while sitting at home, in front of a laptop or computer, to choose a relatively quiet isolated area or room in their apartment, home and retreat there while work is in progress.

Many times, however, not even a separate room is enough to pay full attention to our tasks. External noise from walls, windows, or ceilings is a barrier to proper concentration, so it’s a good idea to buy products designed for acoustic purposes that, through their structure, can absorb sound, thereby improving acoustics and even attenuating noise.

The importance of acoustics


We will place sound-absorbing panels on the walls and ceiling, so we will soon notice how much more pleasant and calm the atmosphere is, our work performance will improve, we will work faster and more efficiently. If the room where your laptop or computer for work is located has a lot of window surfaces, be sure to place thick curtains in front of the windows, which can exclude a lot of noise from the room.

Acoustics are also very important in our home office during online video meetings, phone calls and discussions. If the acoustics are ideal, we will hear the words of colleagues more clearly, more clearly. Of course, using a headset during such calls is also a good solution, but you can’t even completely rule out annoying ambient noise.

Acoustic mats are very effective against echoes and pounding of children’s feet, which significantly reduce noise due to their thick and dense weave.

The covid-19 epidemic has unfortunately made life difficult for everyone in the world. We’ve shaken out of the normal wheelbase, our lives have been going differently than usual for a long time now.

However, it is fortunate that science and technology have now developed to such a level that we will not lose our jobs due to the virus, we can continue to work for companies where working from home is also possible. With the help of the internet, cell phones, laptops, computers, and a plethora of smart devices, it’s not a particular problem if we have to do our homework.

Because we become available virtually anytime, anywhere, we can often expect, even after working hours, that we may be looking for a place to work for our colleague or boss. By clarifying the working conditions, these problems can also be prevented.

Despite the fact that the travel of foreign customers is an obstacle due to the corona virus, thanks to the technology we can still get in almost personal contact with important customers, on a laptop or mobile phone, the internet can be a great help here as well.

It is not just about working from home that it is important to create a calm environment around us. It is also essential for students in digital education to create a relatively peaceful and quiet space for learning. In their case, too, sound-absorbing acoustic panels, which are usually made of wood and have an acoustic cotton lining, are extremely effective sound-absorbing materials.

If young people protest against placing such panels on the wall of their room, it is possible to think of ordering photographic acoustic panels, because practically any photo or picture can be used to order these panels, even depicting a child’s favorite band, series or film hero. These professional acoustic elements are not only effective but also aesthetic and can be used as beautiful home accessories.

The virus may rewrite and completely change your work habits


I think it’s no exaggeration to say that work done in the Home Office system will spread even more in the world, and that’s also because surveys show that this type of method is very effective and has a lot of benefits. Work does not have to be stopped due to illness or other environmental factors or technical problems.

However, it is important that when we work from home, we create a small corner, a room where we can concentrate on our work and tasks relatively quietly and peacefully. Sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing products are essential for this. If our home office is managed acoustically properly, we may move away later, even if we want a little peace of mind while hiding from the hustle and bustle of children or the loud quarrels of our neighbours.