How To Use Amazonite For Greater Results


Amazonite has existed for so long. Way back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, Egyptians have been collecting the gemstone from their mines. They used amazonite as a decoration in palaces and the tombs of their Pharaohs.

Amazonite is not the gemstone’s alias nor the scientific name Microcline Feldspar — it was Neshmet or Heseg, describing its light green color. Amazonite has cool green and blue colors with some pale cream and grey swirls, which earned its name inspired by the Amazon River.

If you wonder about the amazonite meaning, the two distinct colors — green and blue — give it a lot. The green hues represent rebirth, growth, spring, and balance, while the blue hues pertain to creativity, inspiration, calmness, self-sufficiency, and a clear mind. Here is a deeper dive into the benefits of having an Amazonite gemstone and how you can use it to achieve more remarkable results.

Emotional benefits


When it comes to emotions, amazonite has a lot of benefits to offer. Some of the virtues tied to the gemstone are stress relief, anxiety reduction, and compassion. Amazonite is also a known encouraging gemstone, which can help you boost your confidence and self-esteem and clear your negative thoughts. This gemstone will help you clear your mind and refocus yourself towards your goals and dreams. If you need more motivation to be creative and imaginative, Amazonite gemstone is a must for you to have.

Spiritual benefits


Another set of virtues tied to amazonite is improved communication, balanced yin and yang forces, and good luck for gambling. Amazonite is also a balancing gemstone, which will let you balance your masculine and feminine sides — the yin and yang. This will lead to improved communication with other people because you will be rational enough regarding the words you are saying and the decisions you are making. In addition to that, amazonite is also known as the Stone of Success and Abundance. The stone makes it ideal for those who want to attract more financial luck.

Physical benefits


Amazonite is correlated to the throat and heart chakra, which can do wonders for someone with lung and heart problems. You can wear the gemstone as a necklace, pendant, brooch, or earrings to easily influence the parts of the body. You can also place them in your lap when meditating or keep them in your pockets as a touchstone. The easiest way is just to lay down and put the Amazonite gemstones on your body. They should be lined up near or on the chakra points for more effectiveness.

The placement of the gemstone can help achieve more outstanding results. It can be kept in the bedroom, nightstand, or even under your pillow, for better sleep at night. To help enhance your personal relationships, you can put it in the southwest part of your home while it should be the northeast part for personal development. Placing it on your work desk can help alleviate stress too. You can just put the gemstones wherever you need them to be — it all depends on which issue you want it to help resolve.