7 Misconceptions People Have About Floor Heating

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A lot of homeowners choose to install underfloor heating in their homes, mostly because it’s a sustainable and budget-friendly option. However, since it still isn’t present in the majority of homes, there is a wide range of misconceptions about the entire system, as well as how it operates under the floors.

If you’re thinking about whether or not you should install it in your home, you might also be wondering if it’s a good idea and if it’s truly economical to do so. Luckily, you’re reading the right article. Here is a list of the top 7 misconceptions people have about installing this system in their homes:

1. “It’s More Expensive Than Installing Radiators.”
The Truth: It Isn’t.

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Now, the very first thing that you should know about installing floor heating in your home is that it will be 30 percent more than opting for traditional radiators. However, if you think about it, it’ll be less expensive in the long run. How is that possible? Well, for starters, it’s a more power-efficient option and it’ll require less maintenance.

This means that you won’t have to worry about an increase in your electricity bills, as well as paying someone to come and maintain the entire system. Because of this, opting for this particular option tends to be less expensive in the long run, which is why you need to seriously think about it.

2. “It’ll Never Be Warm.”
The Truth: It’ll Be Incredibly Comfortable.

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It is true that these systems cannot provide as much warmth as traditional radiators, it’ll produce enough of it to make a completely nice and suitable environment for both you and your family members. How is it possible that it’ll create a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere?

Well, the entire system will ensure that the warmth is evenly distributed across the area, but more importantly, it can easily reach up to 25oC, hence, instead of taking off your jumper or hoodie because it’s too hot, you can enjoy a comfortable area. Additionally, you can set the temperature to a lower one and by doing so, you can ensure that you aren’t losing any energy.

3. “It’s Actually Electrical Heating.”
The Truth: It is, But it Operates on Hot Water.

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As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, underfloor heating does operate on power, however, it also runs on a hydraulic system that incorporates the use of hot water, as well as central heating. Besides this, you could also choose to connect it to a warmth pump if you want and although the pump does require some electricity to operate, it is renewable power.

Hence, because the whole system functions at a continuous low heat, opting to install a heat pump to it is a perfect decision. Keep in mind, to ensure that you could actually do this, you’ll have to talk to a professional that’ll tell you whether or not a pump is a suitable choice.

4. “It Takes More to Warm up + The Heat is Never The Same.”
The Truth: You Won’t Experience Colder Temperatures.

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Choosing this option does, in fact, function as fast as traditional radiators, they do tend to react a bit slower than usual. Nonetheless, this doesn’t suggest that you and your family will have to experience through extremely high temperatures. So, what should I do? Well, you need to ensure that you opted for the right system.

This means that you’ll have to learn what suits your needs and lifestyle and choose a suitable system according to your needs. For instance, if you opted for a hydraulic system, you could easily adjust the settings to guarantee that the warmth in the room goes down two or three degrees throughout the night.

5. “It Can Only Work For Floors.”
The Truth: It Can Work Beyond it Too.

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Now, a lot of people don’t know this, but underfloor heating can also be installed beyond the surface. What does this mean? Well, if you want to, you could also choose to install the entire system in the walls or even in the ceilings. By doing so, you could guarantee that the area warms up quicker.

The best thing about opting for this option? For starters, when compared to traditional radiators, this option won’t take up any pace, hence, no matter if you have a retro or modern interior, you could easily incorporate this heating option into any space in your house.

6. “It’ll Make Your Feet Swell + Sweat.”
The Truth: They Won’t.

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When this type of heating first appeared on the market, it could produce a temperature of over 35oC, and, of course, this would make anyone’s feet swell and sweat.

However, since the initial release of these systems, innovative and new technology has changed the entire system, which means that your feet won’t swell, nor sweat if you choose to install it in your home, especially if you have a house that’s insulated properly.

Additionally, if you choose to combine this system with a heat pump, you’ll also be able to cool the area, which means that you could use it throughout the summer as well. Again, this is something that could save you a lot of money, especially since your electricity bills will be lower.

7. “It’s Bad For Your Health.”
The Truth: It Can Actually Make it Better

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Last on our list of misconceptions, but definitely worth mentioning is that this option can prevent dust from spreading, which means that it can prevent allergies, as well as illnesses.

This means that you could take advantage of the system, and by doing so, you can ensure that the environment in your home is healthier, especially since it’ll be free of dust mites.


In most cases, people are seriously doubtful about underfloor heating. However, if you take a look at our list of misconceptions – as well as the truth – you can see that it’s actually more affordable, it takes less space in your home, and it can also be installed in any room, no matter what type of furniture or decoration you have.

Hence, now that you learned that there is a wide range of misconceptions about underfloor heating, you really should drop everything that you’re doing. Instead, you might want to start browsing for a reliable and experienced company that’ll provide you with the heating system you need for your home.