5 Crazy Facts About Sex Dolls – 2024 Guide

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While sex dolls are a very broad and surprisingly complex subject in on themselves the sheer amount of history and odd facts present in the world of these sex toys is astounding. We’ve picked out some of them down here, as a quick dip into this interesting world.

1. The man married to a sex doll

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The person known as “Davecat” may be the most famous owner of a sex doll alive. This man’s visibility comes from the fact he is married to a sex doll. While their union isn’t legally recognized he does see her as a wife. His “wife” isn’t even the only sex doll he owns. There are two more in his possession he refers to as his mistresses.

2. Barbie was based on a sex doll

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You heard it right. The extremely popular toy of many children was inspired by a sex doll. Her likeness stems from a German cartoon character called Bild Lilli. She was defined by her erotic figure and foul-mouthed behavior. This made her very popular with the German public, resulting in dolls being made.

While dolls themselves couldn’t be penetrated due to their size and lack of orifices they maintained the attractive features of the source material. Barbie dolls seem to have pulled back the dimensions, adapting the doll to fit a child-oriented market.

3. Sex dolls weigh a lot

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Although their appearance may make them seem incredibly fragile and light sex dolls are extremely heavy. The weight is a necessity when delving into making a full-body replica of a human body as the whole doll is made out of silicone or TPC which aren’t that heavy on their own but when packed into a human-sized package it really adds up.

This usually ends up being one of the concerns of buyers as they don’t want to risk hurting themselves when cleaning or storing the dolls. Sometimes people gravitate towards scaled-down variants called mini sex dolls. These have the same quality of craft as regular models while being lighter than their counterparts. They also come in a huge number of models just like the regular ones, check them out for yourself at myminisexdoll.

4. Some Japanese brothels feature sex dolls

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There’s a place in brothels even for silicone prostitutes. Unlike the usual at-home use we expect sex dolls to offer these locations offer customers sex with one for a fee. You would be surprised by the sheer amount of money people are ready to pay for this experience. Not to mention virtual-reality brothels that offer immersive sexual experiences through a very intriguing design, which we will let you uncover on your own.

5. There are sex dolls for dogs

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If you are a dog owner you probably experienced the awkward leg humping that happens during mating season. The safety of furniture and anything that may entice your dog is in danger whenever these months roll around. For some dogs it barely ever stops, resulting in a lot of concern for their behaviour.

However, the world of sex dolls has an answer for that. These aren’t as focused on realism or attractive features, both due to the awkwardness that would evoke and the fact that your dog simply doesn’t care. Not that it’s much less weird-looking with its current design but it could be just the thing you need to avoid guest’s being welcomed by an overly excited pooch.