How Much Do Apple Watch Screen Repairs Cost – 2024 Guide

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Repairing a broken Apple watch or iPhone screen has gotten very expensive lately. Even if Apple is delivering quality products with next-gen displays, nothing guarantees that your smartwatch will survive a fall on the ground.

To repair a broken Apple watch screen, you’ll have to fork out hundreds of dollars. Considering that the latest Series 6 watches cost $399, repairing a screen for a similar price sounds like a bad investment.

But nonetheless, we’re going to talk extensively about how much an Apple watch display repair cost and why they’re so costly.

How Much Do Apple Watch Screen Repairs Cost?

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A very simple question that can have a very complicated answer. You might think why such a small gadget would cost hundreds of dollars to get repaired. And that’s a perfectly fine question, but it has nothing to do with Apple overpricing (not as much) but more with the actual size.

The Apple Watch Series 6 or any other series are very tiny. Watches are meant to be small as it appeals aesthetically. More so, they’re meant to be compact and offer us a set of controls. Unlike an iPhone, Apply watches come with a fraction of the features.

While these gadgets can keep track of time, make calls, and do other things, that’s just about it. But if we compare the cost of repairing an Apple watch screen and an iPhone screen, we’ll get a similar price.

Why is that? It’s all because miniaturization costs money. The smaller the gadgets, the harder it is to repair, and that is a big reason why you’ll see up to $250 costs to repair a broken screen. Apple Watch screens are very different when compared to other Apple products.

This is yet another reason why repairing them is so expensive. Unlike smartphones or tablets, the digitizer on the watch is built-in the glass itself. This is why an old and outdated Apple Watch Series 3 screen will still cost hundreds of dollars.

It’s Apple’s Way Of Doing Things

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Another important factor why repairing any sort of part of an Apple device is so expensive is all due to the company’s policy. Well, it’s not really a policy but they did try it at first to see how far people would go.

Everybody wanted to buy the first Macintosh PC, the first iPhone, iPod, and now the smartwatch. But the thing is, repairing the screen of any Apple device will always cost more than other manufacturers like Samsung.

More so, the company appeals to the US market. While it sells units worldwide, the US is its primary source of revenue. People in the US can more easily afford to fork out hundreds of dollars to repair a smartwatch. That might not be the case in other parts of the world.

So the company doesn’t care that you cannot afford it, as there will always be someone willing to pay for it. This “policy” is the reason why many people aren’t buying their products.

But with all that said, there is a way to pay less to repair the screen of your broken Apple Series 6 watch. Instead of paying the costly repair fees, you can order a repair kit and do it yourself.

As one can imagine, this costs a fraction of the cost that the “geniuses” in the store will give you.

How Long Will Repairs Take?

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We should emphasize that doing any sort of repair at home is risky and there is always the possibility of damaging the device. And if that happens, you lose your warranty. Tech manufacturers nowadays know what it takes to keep people coming to their repair stores.

They’ll say “sure, do it yourself but risk voiding the warranty in the process.” When that happens, you won’t be able to repair a software issue with your device – if one occurs. This is precisely why many are put off from attempting to do it themselves.

But you’re settled on doing it yourself – congratulations. Now what? The link we previously provided will tell you useful things needed when repairing an Apple watch screen yourself, but we’ll also tell you a few things.

For starters, you’ll need the necessary equipment. This equipment might cost a few bucks to get, but chances are you’ll have some of it at home. To repair an Apple watch screen DIY style, you’ll need heat pads and specialized tools. You can get the specialized tools from the link we posted.

One of the essential specialized tools is a pentalobe. You need this tool to unscrew Apple’s security screw, which there are a few on their watches. Most of their products have this screw, so it might come in handy if you have multiple Apple products.

You should also know that this screw is the company’s trade secret – they designed it and only use it for their products. In some parts of the world, it might be difficult to find a pentalobe to unscrew and open the device.

Next, you’ll also need to equip yourself with a torx screwdriver. If the particular Apple watch doesn’t have a pentalobe screw, it will have a torx screw. If the pentalobe is a 5 point screw, then this is a 6-point screw.

So these are some of the types of screwdrivers you’ll need to open the device. You’ll also need spudgers, suction cups, heat tools, elbow tweezers, and of course, the new screen.

Finishing Thoughts

If you’re put off from paying the huge repair fees set by Apple, then there is a way to pay much less. That’s not to say doing this will bring 100% success, but it beats falling victim to the company’s aggressive repair policy.

Even if you do it yourself, getting a new screen for your watch can be costly. But if you’re knowledgeable or want to know how to do it, then you can very easily try it yourself. Who knows, maybe you could turn it into a business.