4 Reasons Why SEO Is a Must-Do for Your Business in 2024

Search Engine Optimization Concept

SEO is a 100% necessity if you want your business to be a sustainable asset in the long term.

Research has shown that there are about 5 billion people who use the internet.

This huge marketplace and the number of users increasing every day provides a platform for businesses to promote their products and services.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website in order to rank as high as possible in Google Search and other search engines.

As Google slowly became the most popular search engine in the world, this method of marketing (SEO) gained more popularity, as it presented a huge opportunity to every business that owns a website to get more customers through Google search.

Today almost every business is trying to make their website more SEO compatible so that they can increase their sales on autopilot.

So what will happen when you take advantage of Search Engine Optimization?

1. Brand Exposure

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Websites on the internet are ranked according to thousands of SEO-related factors that will take months to explain.

That is why offering an SEO service for a business is a whole business model on its own.

A top position in search results creates significant impressions of having quality products and services.

Top positions on the result pages also mean more exposure for your website.

Plus, targeted keywords not only help users to associate your brand with those keywords, but a lot of customers nowadays trust companies on the first page and think websites on page 2 or beyond are untrustworthy.

Even though this is not true, this is the way a lot of consumers think, and it will play a big role in whether or not they trust you as a business.

2. Return on Investment

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SEO provides traceable and invaluable results, regardless of whether you are an eCommerce or service-based business.

SEO agencies can track nearly every single visitor of their SEO strategy.

Other things that they can track include increases in Google rankings, user mouse movements, bounce rates, backlinks, and conversions, as well as conversion rates.

For E-commerce sites, a good ecommerce SEO agency can see which paths users take in order to complete a sale, all the way down to which keyword they used to search for you prior to visiting your website.

All of this data is extremely important because if inspected properly, can be used to make educated decisions to increase future performance.

3. Cost-Effectiveness Of SEO

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SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets users who are actively looking for your products and services online. Think about it.

Let’s compare Facebook Advertising to SEO.

In Facebook advertising, you pay Facebook, and your ad gets shown to people in their news feed while they are just scrolling down their news feed, probably while in the toilet or lying down in bed.

Google SEO on the other hand, shows your website to people who search for your product or service.

Why would someone search for a lawn mowing service in Seattle?

Most of the time it’s because they want to hire someone!

So the intent of the people who find you is a buying intent. And this type of traffic that has buying intent is the most valuable, drool-worthy type of traffic in the world.

4. Increased Website Usability

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One of the search engine optimization strategies consists of rearranging your website’s structure and navigation in order to make pages within the website easier to find and navigate through for visitors.

This not only makes it easier for search engines to get into your website and find pages, but it also makes the entire buying process for visitors much easier. However, if a reliable website designer builds your website, then you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Part of this SEO strategy involves adding professional videos to as many of the pages as possible.

Most SEO experts and agencies use very cost-effective and easy-to-use online video editing tools to create these videos. They do this because SEO experts are not professional video editors and using tools like those is a simple solution to getting heaps of professional videos for all your website pages.

To recap, SEO is a must for all business websites if they want to get an increase of brand exposure, get a better return on investments that are compoundable over time and not instant. SEO is also a must because it is extremely cost-effective, and it increases your website usability for visitors and potential customers coming from all different marketing campaigns. Lots of people think SEO is too hard, and that is true. The competition is fierce.

But if you can put in the hard work to be successful in the future, then SEO is just that, it’s a long-term investment, and it’s investing in the future of your business. Now isn’t that why we all get into businesses in the first place? To invest in our future. That has SEO written all over it.

One of my e-commerce stores took me 6 months’ worth of work to get the SEO done properly. During those 6 months, I barely made a few sales. I haven’t touched that business or even logged in to the Shopify backend for over 4 years and it continues to make me $500+ of profit every single week without having to spend a cent to anyone or anything except Shopify and my fulfillment team.

That is the power of SEO and that is why all the big companies are consistently giving their best efforts to improve their SEO and reach the next level. Because they understand how truly powerful and incomparable this marketing method is compared to all the other online options.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the insights I’ve given in this article on why SEO is a must for your business, and I hope you take initiative to get started on your SEO, or hire someone who can do it for you, at an affordable rate and at a top-standard. The SEO is not going to do itself, so what are you still doing? Get to it!