How to Work Solids and Prints with Your Modern Sectional Couch Collection?


Sectional couches are popular in modern homes today. Their biggest advantage is they can optimize the living space and make the area spacious. If you search for new furniture for your home and are stuck between a traditional couch or a sectional couch, this guide will help you understand what sectional couches are ideal for your home today.

They can perfectly fit into any home with ease

Sectional couches are popular because they can cater to a home of any size. They are an incredible blend of practicality and aesthetics. The biggest advantage of the sectional couch is they offer your home extra seating. This means you can bid farewell to folding chairs that you need to take out for your guests. Moreover, they give you the advantages of optimizing your available space and offer you extra seats, especially when you have friends and family coming over regularly. For example, if you have a traditional couch, you can only accommodate three people or a maximum of four people on your couch. However, with a sectional couch, you can have five people seated comfortably on it. At the same time, you have extended corner seats that give your guests the extra comfort they need when they visit your home.

Sectional couches, and how can you style them perfectly for your home?


Sectional couches boost the overall look of the room they are placed in. They are available in several colors, sizes, materials, designs, and several shapes. When you are looking for sectionals, you will find they can range from luxurious to simple when designing. There are several choices available for you, and their flexibility of the design makes them ideal as a sofa that stands out beautifully in the room.

Get an extra bed with them

Another great advantage of having a sectional couch is you can get an extra bed with them. Many people have guests staying back often; however, there are just a few of them with sufficient room to accommodate them for the night comfortably. If your home does not have a guest room, your sectional couch serves as a sleeping bed. The space is large, and if your kids have friends dropping in for frequent sleepovers, they are an asset to your home.

Get more living space in your home


Most homeowners are happy to find that most sectionals take up less space than regular sofa sets. So, if you live in a small apartment, they help you optimize the space and create comfortable pathways for the room. In addition, they help you to segment into open-concept spaces, helping you separate your rooms with ease.

Styling your sectional couch for an appealing look

If you’re an avid follower of modern furniture trends, you must have come across multiple minimalist collections by now. Modern furniture is all about making independent statements. Bold yet simple is the way to be. However, working colors and patterns into the minimalist outlook are the challenge of the moment. If you’re reconsidering your drawing room remodeling options, we have a perfect collection of Flores design custom couches waiting for you. But before you do, check out this guide to fusing colors and prints with your modern couch set in the focus.

Terrific neutral tones


If you’re looking at spectacular couch sets in white, ivory, or cream, neutral tones would be perfect for the background. We are talking white chiffon curtains and soft paisley wallpapers in beige or rose gold. This color combination works perfectly if you want to accentuate the elegance of the room.

Soothing pastel hues

Pastels are chic and preppy at the same time, adding some much-needed liveliness to your seating area. However, if you want your walls painted in pastel, you should go for contrasting hues- an emerald velvet couch or a midnight blue set. Pastel is all about sublime vibrancy, and pastel blues and ice greens would go well. However, to keep you and its design safe from any harm, such as dust or dirt, you need good quality covers for your needs. Learn more about sectional couch covers here. When you buy covers for your sectional couch, ensure they are of the right fit and size. In addition, the cover should complement the interiors of your room, so browse through the patterns and designs for getting the right match.

Patterned look


If you’re going contemporary all the way, unique patterns would be perfect for your room. However, remember, color combinations might be: We are talking jade green couch with paisley patterns, charcoal gray stripes on the background, and some dark chestnut coffee tables for a rustic look.

Animal prints

If you’ve found yourself inclining towards zebra and cheetah prints, try coupling your plush white or tobacco black couch set with some zebra-printed rugs or matte tiger printed cushions. However, the wallpaper and the floor need to be of earthy tones to accentuate the rustic wilderness.

Mix a unique blend of style and color

You’d be surprised how a simple shift in your furniture style and color can create a whole new ambiance in the room. Sprucing up your room with modern furniture need not be limited to your drawing room only. You can add a dash of contemporary color with modus furniture in bedrooms. From nude-toned platform beds and suave plush rugs to midnight blue low-profile beds with dark brown side-tables- your options are endless when you’re piling contemporary colors with modern furniture.

If you plan to get the best covers for your couch, you must look for reliable suppliers online who can give the couch covers as per your preference. Besides, you can even get some cash by purchasing those covers at a discount online. Therefore, you need to explore the supplier available near you to compare the offers and their prices of the covers. Read customer reviews as they always help you to choose the best products. Ensure you wash them as per their instructions to make them last for a long time with success!