7 Small DIY Home Fixes That Every Student Should Know

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DIY is on the rise. With homes desperately in need of maintenance and repairs, it’s only a matter of time before you do it yourself. But dads aren’t the only ones that can tackle the problem head-on. There are specific home fixes that every student should also know.
So if you happened to be living abroad or in a student home, look out for these 7 small, DIY home fixes. With all that said, let’s start.

Creaky stairs

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Let’s be real about it. Creaky stairs are a nuisance. Whenever going up and down the stairs, the creaky sound can be unbearable to hear. Not only that, but this issue also presents a safety hazard. Students should know how to silence creaky stairs. Fortunately, you can do this home fix all by yourself. Since this problem arises due to movement between the wooden boards, all you need to do is simply strengthen the joints using wood glue.

Tightening loose handles

Loose door handles aren’t anything new. Older homes face this issue much more than modern ones. And it’s quite common for students to find accommodations in older homes. So if you notice the door handles being quite loose, then it’s time to grab the toolbox and get to work. To easily tighten a loose door handle, you’ll need a screwdriver to tighten the screw that holds the handle in place. In many cases, you’ll also need to tighten loose knobs. Some knows are screwed into the door, so you’ll need to add some wood glue to make it stick.

Leveling an unbalanced chair

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Don’t you just hate it when the chair wobbles? This is one of those problems that anyone can do. An unbalanced chair will shift to aside. This can be a big nuisance so you’ll need to fix it asap. Fortunately, every student can make this small DIY home fix. All you need is to simply place the chair on any flat surface to get a better look at just how unbalanced it is. Once you do that, grab a rubber grommet or any other similar object such as wood underneath it. To make sure it stays in place, you also want to glue it, screw it, or nail it to the leg of the chair.

Cupboard door catch

Older homes that haven’t gotten the much-needed renovating are prone to all kinds of issues. One very annoying issue is the door catch of the cupboards. A cupboard serves a unique purpose in your home. We use it for storage purposes and we tend to open and close it very often. For older cupboards that use magnetic catches, this can be a problem. Namely, the magnetic catch loosens through time, so you’ll need to fix it. We can easily do that by grabbing a screwdriver and tightening the screws of the magnetic catch.

This issue isn’t really a problem with modern cupboards as the doors use steel hinges to pull the cupboard door. Students having to resort to DIY can save a ton of money on unnecessary home repairs. Do know that a handyman can take care of everything for you. But why should you hire one when you can do it for free? While not everyone is enthusiastic about it, there are all kinds of DIY home fixes we can make to improve our living conditions. If that’s something that interests you, make sure to visit repairdaily.com.

Unclogging a sink

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This is one of those home fixes that every student should know. If you don’t, however, do expect to spend a small fortune on a handyman. Unclogging a sink is no big deal. While it might look like it, unclogging a sink is actually pretty easy. To do that, all you need is to use a plunger. Plungers are those silly-looking wooden sticks with a red rubber head on top of it. Just like in the cartoons, you’re supposed to push and pull the plunger to suck out the debris that is clogging your sink.

Patching a hole in the wall

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This is one of those home fixes that can be done DIY-style. Patching a hole in the wall intimidates many students. After all, how are you going to tell the landlord that you’ve just made a hole in their wall? While fixing dings and scrapes is much easier than actual holes, we will discuss how to do exactly that. Firstly, you’ll need to make room around the hole so you can easily work. Move any furniture away from the wall and head to the local hardware store. There, you’ll need to buy a patching kit. This kit usually includes a drywall patch, a putty knife, and a sanding tool. After you follow the instructions to the end, you’ll need to acquire paint and repaint the patch. Make sure to get the exact same color as the wall, otherwise, you’ll be making a costly error. Holes in the walls can be a nuisance but fear not as even students can do this home fix DIY-style.

Fixing sticky drawers

Sticky drawers aren’t anything new. And if you do have one, you know exactly how big of a nuisance a sticky drawer can be. For starters, you need to pull it extra strong otherwise you’ll never get it open. Secondly, you need to push it extra strong of it will sit there on its own. Let’s be real about it, dealing with a sticky drawer is a big nuisance. Having to pull and push and use extra strength to do it simply doesn’t solve the issue. You need to fix this minor issue or replace the entire drawer. Considering that this home fix is indeed minor, it will only take a few minutes of your time to do so. Simply apply wax on the edges of the drawer and where it sticks and you’re good to go. You’d be surprised to find out just how easy solving this minor issue really is.