5 Types Of Digital Marketing And How To Choose The Best One

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The marketing industry has reached an all-time high several times and it seems that there is always more to added to this juggernaut part of our daily lives. Wherever you turn and whatever you do, you are exposed to countless marketing campaigns. Most of the time you do not even realize it, while at other times it is painfully obvious and therefore annoying to say the least. However, when done right, marketing is beneficial both for the company who is advertising their product or service, and the average person who is a potential customer.
Sadly, in the modern world where people rarely have measure of the right sort or enough care for others, there is an abundance of overly aggressive marketing campaigns that feel counterproductive because there is rarely anyone who likes to be interrupted in the street to try something, have their video content stopped for an ad break, or read through a magazine where every page is a different ad.

If you are a company wishing to reach more customers and attract more attention, the right type of marketing in the 21st century is digital marketing and the IT sector. But what does that imply really, and is there one way to do it that is right? Both questions of this nature and the answers to them are complicated and they deserve a deeper dive. That is why in this article we will be focusing on the different types of digital marketing and see how best to choose between them in search for the right one for you.

Content marketing

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There are numerous things an average consumer would like to know more about so if you answer their questions or at least offer the answers before they do, they will choose you over the competition most of the time. This is done by the right amount and kind of content, useful and high-quality info they will have the use of instead of just regular plain old commercials and ads. Gaining their trust and confidence takes time but the best bet a business has is offering them useful and intriguing content in a number of ways. The means are not what matters here but the actual things you say and write are. Both general type of content like full guides and more specific variants like demonstrations and short on-point versions. It depends on your business what approach you can take, but brands mostly use emails, social media, blogs, and videos.

SEO (search engine optimization)

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Arguably the most popular form of digital marketing, and perhaps the easiest one to utilize, is SEO, or search engine optimization. As the name suggests, you are taking advantage of the power of search engines like Google and trying to cover as many bases with your marketing content as possible so that you appear as close to the top of the first page as possible. Your customers have to be able to find you easily, so keywords and the right titles are everything. Rankings on search engines either make or break your company in terms of digital marketing so to reach a wider audience you have to develop the marketing content and strategies around the SEO rules. If you remember that over 91.5% of all internet traffic is shared by websites that Google shows on the first page, you will realize just how important this is. SEO cannot and must not be ignored, so when you decide to publish your next piece of marketing, make sure the keywords, anchors, and links are right. To learn more about SEO, visit seo-web.ch.

SMM (social media marketing)

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You probably have private accounts on most social media platforms. Well, so do other people, which means there are billions of potential customers across the web world. That is why all brands, no matter the market and industry, have their own Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube profiles. Social media platforms are where the news and entertainment are right now, and it will probably not change for years. Therefore, you should utilize their amazing power and reach and use them for promoting your brand, product, service, or content. To cover all the bases and appeal to more customers, make sure to use all the popular platforms listed above, no matter your branch of industry. All of them will allow you to connect with your customers more, interact with them and build a strong brand-consumer relationship with them. The key factor here is to constantly upload new stuff and keep the followers and subscribers entertained while updating them with news.

Paid advertising (Ads)

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Real ads, in the traditional sense of the world when it comes to the internet, are the banners and other (often intrusive) things you aim to block wherever you can. These would be your YouTube ads, Google search results that come before the actual results and have the word “Ad” in the corner, and everything else that you probably do not want popping up on the pages you browse. These are all forms of paid advertising and they even exist on phone applications. The reason why you will always see the paid advertising results before the organic results on Google (those you actually want) is because the brand paid Google to put them there. Different forms of such marketing exist, two of the most popular and widespread being PPC (pay-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-mile). Both are quite useful and usually brands use both to maximize their reach.

Email and SMS marketing

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Both of these work similarly since they first need your email address and/or mobile phone number. Once they get it, they can start sending you newsletters and messages about their new products, services, sales, and discounts. You may even get a coupon or two. Somewhere, you left your email while subscribing or ordering something and now the same service (or a similar one owned by the same company who integrates and connects everything) has your information. They use it for targeted ads and bot useful and spam content. These forms of digital marketing have become infamous because the inboxes of people were flooded with unwanted ads, so naturally the spam and block options started becoming more important. When done right, they combine useful and interesting content with the new offers and are actually beneficial and wanted. Otherwise, most users will flag them as spam and never even open them. Do it right and you will be rewarded with their trust.


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