7 Reasons to Stick to your Cable Service

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Multiple studies have found that around 40% of subscribers of streaming platforms have ended their memberships and that has split the audiences since everyone believes streaming services to be the inevitable beginning of a new level of entertainment. The streaming services have presented themselves as a solid option to replace cable TV but we need to inquire ourselves if streaming services have all that is need to cut a service that has accompanied us for decades. Moreover, cable TV has concocted many new features like real-time applications, and assuming it to still be traditional is somewhat biased.

In this article, we will discover the different reasons due to which you should stick to your cable service.

1. Affordable Plans

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Since streaming platforms have come head-on and have given an extreme rivalry to cable services, it was apparent that cable services needed to draw out some top features. With the dread of being supplanted, cable services have begun presenting new plans that are more affordable and give clients the advantage of saving money. Telecom companies like Spectrum have presented cable plans that offer up to 125 cable channels at only $45 – you can click here to find more details about its cable packages.

Such cable plans are cheaper than most plans offered by live-streaming platforms that provide half the channel count.

2. Huge Channel Lineup

The cable service has an amazingly rich channel lineup that guarantees to keep you engaged at all times. The channels have an incredible range of genres: from ESPN to Animal Planet, from youth niche media to news channels – there is a treat for each individual in the family. In the event that you have a large family or have one in which each individual has different interests, cable TV service can truly save you.

3. Number Of Shows

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We all know that the more noteworthy the quantity of channels, the more prominent the quantity of shows. Media companies like Viacom CBS, Warner Media, and NBC Universal have been improving our lives by producing incredible content pieces; shows like The Office (U.S.), Friends, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Parks and Recreation, and How I Met Your Mother are being cherished even now, after decades of their production. The most viewed content, even on streaming services, are these classic shows.

4. Knowhow of the process

With cable service, you have an uncanny relationship. We have consistently hated our cable services for reasons that were not even authentic and just for the sake of reason. But now since things are proceeding in a new direction, we understand that cable service is not all that awful.

Packaging and billing of cable service are the simplest of tasks that we have been dealing with since ever or at least have seen our elders take care of it with total ease. Particularly, if you are enjoying a bundled service of cable plus internet, you should not mess up the system and should just keep on enjoying a great level of services at discounted rates, with minimum hassle.

5. LIVE Content

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There is a class of content that is meant to be consumed live. You cannot take the full-swinging delight of a Manchester United victory just by watching the highlights on YouTube. There is a reason why sports and news is cast live and it is that such live content multiplies the entertainment or credibility level exponentially. Watching the features later on or taking bits from your friends could never make it up.

I recollect that during the U.S. elections of 2024, everyone in my family was glued to the TV screens. The talk shows, the surveys, the live congressional addresses, the purity of journalism made it all so real and genuine at that moment. The intrigue it filled us all with was so much powerful.

Not that there are no live streaming platforms in place but the issue with such platforms is that they do not offer all of the channels that you have a habit to watch and if they do, they charge way more than cable TV. You would need to forfeit a few many channels and can only get some. Live streaming platforms charge a ton and on the off chance that you need to add on some additional channels, make sure that your wallet is deep enough.

6. No reason to buy extra Equipment

The only equipment you need to enjoy cable TV is a simple television. On the off chance that you own a TV, your preferred cable service provider can set everything up. On contrary, if you switch to streaming platforms, you would need to bear a lot of extra expense.

To start streaming, you need a lot of money. A high-speed internet, a streaming device, subscriptions to at least three streaming services are just prerequisites of streaming. While all the money is being spent, you would not even have the live channels. So tell me, is it really a wise decision to overthrow your cable connection?

7. No need of internet

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You cannot access streaming platforms without the internet. This might seem appropriate but would cost you a lot of time and money; especially during internet outages. Another problem with depending on the internet is struggling with slow internet speeds – during peak hours, ISPs tend to throttle your internet and that is not as simple as it sounds.

Cable TV entertainment is not subject to anything besides the cable provider – by this definition, if you are connected with a decent cable provider, you do not have anything to stress over.

The Last Words

The choice to stick with your cable provider is entirely yours. In the event that you think your mindset and taste coordinates more with streaming platforms, you should go ahead and switch for real. However, if you are not completely sure, please do not make this decision in a rush. It is always better to understand your requirements before making a choice. There are plenty of reasons to stay with your cable company and there are tons to leave it, but your decision should always depend on what brings you peace of mind.

Best of luck!