7 Pros & Cons Of Getting A Plunge Pool For Your Backyard

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It is a fact that having a pool has become sort of a standard. Many households have it, and those that don’t plan on installing it soon. Yes, it will provide you with numerous benefits, especially when the summer comes. Nevertheless, at the same time, choosing the right one for your backyard has become a challenge. Why? Well, simply because nowadays, you have multiple options.

In recent years, plunge pools have become popular, so in this text, we will introduce you to these. We will tell you about some of the essential features and provide you with a list of pros and cons. Hopefully, these will help you make the best choice for your property.

What is a plunge pool?

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First things first, let us tell you something about it. In a nutshell, it is a small pool that is initially designed for relaxation instead of swimming and exercising. Because of this, it is also called a dipping pool. In addition, it is also pretty shallow and includes large sitting areas.

When it comes to installation, the process is pretty much the same as with traditional ones. It is an in-ground pool, and you have to decide between a concrete and a fiberglass one. It includes the same filter system as a traditional one does, and it is maintained in the same way.

Why are these so popular?

Naturally, this is mainly due to their benefits, which we will discuss later on, but their size and intended use are the main reason. When it comes to the former, you can learn more about it in great detail on compassnewcastle.com.au. On the other hand, as already mentioned, people whose primary goal is to incorporate a new relaxation place into their property choose to go with a plunge pool.

In addition, this type is perfect for rehabilitation and light exercise. It is another reason people invest in installing one. Naturally, you can include numerous add-ons such as jet machines that will perfectly accommodate you.

What are the benefits?

1. Requires less space

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The first thing people have to consider when thinking about adding a pool to their property is the available space. When they discover that they cannot fit a traditional one in their backyard, they get disappointed and soon forget about this idea. If this has happened to you, you can go back to this plan and research the plunge one.

Due to its design and small dimensions, it can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of the backyard’s size. You can place it next to the deck or even create an entirely new area and hide it behind a fence or bushes if you want to enjoy complete privacy.

2. Saves water

Yes, having a pool in your backyard sounds like a dream, that is, until the water bill comes. Interestingly, many people forget to add this cost to their overall budget. Naturally, the fact that a plunge one uses up to 80% less water than a traditional one is a significant benefit. This is expected since this type is significantly smaller. At the same time, you will have to use less chlorine and cleaning products to maintain it.

3. Easy maintenance

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Besides the lower cost of cleaning products, it is very easy to clean it. First of all, there won’t be a lot of debris for you to remove. Next, you can use fewer tools, and finally, you won’t have to invest a lot of time into this task. As you probably know, regular maintenance is a must, but due to several things you have to take care of, it can take a significant amount of time. Well, as you can see, this is not the issue, which makes it another benefit.

4. Simple installation

Not only is it relatively simple to install one of these, but it is also significantly cheaper. When it comes to traditional pools, the installation process is, without a doubt, something that most people are worried about. They have to invest a lot of effort into cleaning the area, and the whole process can take a lot of time depending on the design, even though it is performed by professionals. It is evident by now that this is not the case when you go with a plunge one.

What are the downsides?

Clearly, a plunge pool also has some downsides. Due to this reason, you have to inspect both pros and cons to make a well-informed decision.

1. Less space

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Yes, space is both a benefit and a downside. It only depends on your plan and intentions. As already stated several times, you cannot swim laps in one of these, so if this is one of the reasons you want to install a pool, you should forget about this type and go with a traditional one.

At the same time, your kids won’t have a lot of space to play and enjoy. In addition, don’t forget that it is also pretty shallow, which can be a significant downside to some people.

What’s more, if you plan on throwing barbecue parties and having friends over, this is probably not the right choice for you. Yes, you can always hang around it, but what’s the point of planning a pool party if it cannot fit all the guests?

2. It can be dangerous

Yes, generally speaking, these can be a safety hazard, which is why you need to have a gate around it if you have young kids. Nevertheless, there is another issue. Children are playful and very active, and one of the things they enjoy the most is jumping into the water. Depending on the dimensions you choose, this may not be an option when it comes to a plunge pool. Since they are pretty shallow, kids will hit bottom every time they jump, and therefore, risk getting injured.

3. Lack of the wow factor

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Every time you see a pool in someone’s backyard, you wish you had one in yours, right? Well, a plunge one probably won’t have the same effect on people who visit your home. Simply put, it is not something people usually envision. Yes, it will increase the overall value of your property, but it may not do it as significantly as you hoped.