5 Ways To Know If My Chimney Is Bad And Needs A Repair

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Being a homeowner means you need to be ready for every challenge that comes with this perk. Know that taking care of your house does not only involve cleaning and dusting weekly, but it also means that you need to be aware of the bigger problems that may arise in time. We all believe that every larger item we have in our homes is going to last forever, but no matter if parts of your home need to be maintained and changed once every year or every few decades, you still need to be aware of the practice.

In this article, we are going to talk about chimneys – the units that we tend to forget exist, and that they need to be changed or repaired. Continue reading if you want to find out when it is time to repair this unit, and how to know if it is bad.

1. White residue

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The first really big sign that your chimney needs to be repaired is efflorescence or noticing a white residue on it. The reason why this is happening is usually that there is some kind of damage on it, it may be a hole, or just part of it has cracked. This leads to water and moisture penetrating inside of it, and the chimney is going to start to deteriorate. Note that you should never ignore these strains because if you do, and the water keeps on penetrating inside the unit, it will fully damage it, and you risk noticing damage inside your home as well.

The good thing about this is that leaks are pretty easy to fix, and no matter what the cause is, you should be able to get the unit fixed with ease. You can choose to do it on your own, or you can hire professionals.

2. Damaged bricks

The next indication that your smokestack is damaged and repairs are due is damage on the bricks. No matter how good the bricks are, and how much you’ve invested in this unit, they will get damaged with time.

There are a lot of reasons why this happens, and the weather is the biggest one. Note that in time, some of the bricks may get loose, some may crack, and others may even fall. If you don’t want to risk any damages to your roof, and if you don’t want for a loose brick to fall down, you should inspect them constantly. If you notice that they seem different, that they are cracked, or if there is even a brick missing, you need to contact a service and get this thing fixed.

3. Cracked crown

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One of the easiest ways to notice that you need to call the professionals is if you can see cracks on the smokestack. This is the top part of the unit, and you should know that it is one of the most important parts of the chimney. The crown’s role is to protect the whole smokestack from all the weather conditions, and if there is damage to this part, chances are, the damage will penetrate inside the unit faster than you could expect.

As you can see on websites like doctorchimney.com, when it comes to chimney repair, the best thing you can do is call the professionals, as they will provide the best and fastest solutions without you having to risk your health or the overall stability of the smokestack and the roof.

Note the reason why the cracks appear is usually wearing of the unit with time, and the trapped water inside them can penetrate deeper inside it, damage the bricks, deteriorate the inside, and even cause mold in your home.

4. Rust

Another thing that can appear and that will damage your smokestack is rust. No matter what materials you’ve used to build this part of your home, chances are, there is something metal inside it. No matter if it is the nails, the additional layer of protection, or anything in between, there will be at least several items that can start to rust.

Note that most of these issues are connected to each other, and if another part of the unit is damaged, moisture and water will get trapped inside the chimney, and they will cause rusting to some parts of the smokestack. Even though this will not deteriorate the unit right away, it will definitely affect its stability, and if you don’t get this problem fixed, it will cause serious issues in the long run.

5. Discoloration

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The last thing that will show you that it’s time to replace or repair your chimney is discoloration. Note that this can happen to the wallpaper, the crown, the bricks, or anything else that’s a part of the smokestack. Remember that discoloration can also appear if there is a hole in the object itself and if the smoke is not properly leaving the chimney.

In addition to this, the unit’s color may change because there is water trapped in it because there is mold, or because of rust. So, if you think that your unit looks different than before, you need to call professional service and ask them to check if there is something wrong with your chimney.

The easiest way to prevent all of these things is to maintain your smokestack properly and timely. Note that you have to clean it every year, especially before you use it. In case there is something trapped in it; if there is a blockage or any other issue and if you try to use it before you clean it, it could easily lead to a fire.

Note that if you are using it, and if you notice that the smoke is coming back in your house, that is another huge reason why you should call the specialists. With proper and timely servicing, you will be able to prevent most of these issues, and you will make sure that you are always safe and protected. Don’t forget to ask for a quote before you get a job done, and do your research to find the best and most trustworthy company that will help you repair, fix, or clean your smokestack.