Top 5 Champions in League of Legends for Beginners


It is no secret that League of Legends, better known as LoL, is one of the most popular and played games of all time. At any given moment millions of players are logged in and hundreds of thousands are watching it on streaming platforms. It belongs to the MOBA genre meaning multiplayer online battle arena, in which teams of five battle it out on a single map. Each player controls a unique hero out of the many that were added over the years.

This is a complex video game to master and the learning curve can be high, but for those playing casually and simply to have fun it is enough to learn a dozen heroes just so they can be more versatile and useful to their team. With that being said, it can be overwhelming for the novice players and absolute beginners to pick the right one and enjoy the game from the get go since there are currently 155 champions in the roster. In order to help you with this we decided to bring to you the best 5 champions in LoL perfect for beginners. To learn more about this, make sure to check out

Top 5 Heroes for Beginners

Starting the game with the help of these five heroes will guarantee a fun learning experience and prepare you for everything else to come. Once you master the starting five you will have enough knowledge for the more harder to control heroes.

1. Ashe


Ashe is a marksman hero who is played on the bottom lane. While her defense is among the weakest in the roster, her long range auto attack and the style of play that does not punish mistakes is great for the newbies. Ashe was also used in the old tutorial, meaning most players started their journey with her.

2. Annie


The seemingly harmless girl and her controllable teddy bear companion pet Tibbers are perfect for the mid lane. Annie is a mage meaning she is a burst damage dealer who casts spells. If you want to learn how to do tons of damage and help your team that way, practicing with her is the best way to go out of the gate.

3. Garen


Garen is a textbook honorable knight character with a huge bulky armor and a giant sword. He is a melee fighter who likes his fights up close and personal, making him ideal for the top lane. He has passive healing and strong burst damage potential, both amazing for beginners.

4. Soraka


In case you prefer helping your teammates more actively and care for them during the match, support heroes would be best for you to play in LoL. And while you are still a novice, try Soraka on the bottom lane and make use of her healing abilities. Although she has some damage abilities, she is all about protecting and watching her team’s back.

5. Amumu


The loveable and amazingly cute child mummy is a tank hero, which means he can soak up damage and literally protect the team with his body. He is a jungler legend so you will be spending most of your leveling and upgrading time fighting monsters between the lanes. His AoE (area of effect) damage and tankiness he brings to team fights cannot be overlooked and he is the best for tank practice.