How Alchohol Affects your Reaction Time


The body is the home of our soul – say the greatest and most experienced doctors in the world. And why do they call it that? Because nowadays no one sees things that way. Because nowadays no one pays attention to their body and what it puts into their body. Many things today are subject to ingestion into the body and thus only harm it. If we harm the home of the soul then something is wrong with us and we must change it immediately.  We have to change some habits that obviously do not suit us or our body. What is it that bothers us? What is it that we should be careful not to get into the body? Let’s see…

Above all, we must keep the body hydrated. Water is the main component that each of us must consume regularly and in sufficient quantities. A daily intake of at least 4 liters of clean water is recommended so that it can fight all the toxins that are in the body. Yes, we consciously and unconsciously enter various toxins and poisons in the body. These are the sugars that are not good at all if we consume them in large quantities and too often, further they are fats, preservatives, and the biggest toxins are considered to be narcotics and alcohol. Unfortunately, today there are still people who inject drugs into the body.


Despite the fact that it is not so easily available and is not healthy, people buy it and inject it into the body. If drugs are not so available alcohol is very available. When it is available in virtually every store and is not expensive at all, and satisfies the desire for alcohol which is inexplicable. What exactly is alcohol and how do people view it?

Alcohol or alcoholic beverages are the most popular beverage in humans. It is a drink that needs to be known to be enjoyed, ie for which it is necessary to have a measure. Why is that? Not all alcohol is natural and of good quality. A quality alcoholic beverage is one that is created by natural fermentation of the fruit or by a natural combination of ingredients.  But today it is a rarity. It is a rarity to find such a quality drink. Despite the poor quality, people buy these drinks and according to them they enjoy them. But they are not aware of the effects that these drinks have on their body. They are not aware of the level of sugar they are consuming, but they are also unaware of the effects it has on the body. They are especially dangerous and frightening. Want to get acquainted with the ways in which Alcohol affects your body reactions? Stay with us until the end because that is exactly what we are talking about today.

  1. This type of drink reduces the work of the brain and the nervous system in general, and with that you react later – Friday night, you are out with your friends at the bar and you decide to relax with a few mugs of beer. With the first beer you can feel almost nothing, but according to Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C.  the body’s reaction to alcohol starts from the first sip. Slowly the strength is lost, the reactions are lost and the reflexes are weaker. At first it is really imperceptible, but as you drink sip after sip you will slowly realize that you are losing the work of your brain and nervous system, which means that your reflexes are slowly weakening and your body is weakening, you are losing focus, and that is not good at all. Hence the effect that these drinks cause.
  2. The limbs are not strong enough in the moments when you are under the influence of these drinks, so you could not use them properly and react with them – have you noticed how loose the limbs of the body are after a cocktail? As if you can not hold them firmly upright or next to the body. Do you know who is to blame for that? Alcohol in combination with sugars in the body is to blame for that. When combined, they make a bomb in the body that can explode at any moment. This means that you can not control the limbs, you go uncontrollably, and if you drink too much you can not go well enough. This is also an untimely reaction and inappropriate response that the body gives as a result of alcohol intoxication.
  3. Your eyesight is deteriorating and you can not react quickly enough – our eyes are our cameras that record everything and send it to the brain. But these cameras can work poorly if we give them inappropriate beverages such as alcohol. Under the influence of this intoxicating drink our eyes do not see the same, they start to see wrong, to see late and not to serve well enough. It is noticed slowly as you drink your drink. That is why it is necessary to have a limit because the eyes are the ones that should take you home and pay attention to everything, and their delayed reaction does not benefit you at all.
  4. Hearing is reduced, and that is not good at all – if something needs to work well enough then it is the sense of hearing. This sense is needed at all times, especially when you are away from home. But it does not always work best, especially when you go out and drink cocktails, beer or a stronger alcoholic beverage. In those situations the body is full of alcohol and slows down the reaction in terms of hearing. Hearing decreases, and with that your reactions are delayed and not good enough. The sounds are different, mixed and inappropriate. This is what you do not need, so you need to be conscientious and careful with alcohol.

These drinks are not your friend, especially if you drink them uncontrollably.  It is okay to drink a beer, a cocktail or a dose of hot drink with a lot of ice and then drink water to get rid of what you drank, but do not overdo it because that way you will be unsafe and under the influence of deep  the next 24 hours. Take care of yourself, your body and be very careful, do this responsibly for you and the people around you because alcohol is not your friend.