TheWatchSeries Alternatives That Are Worth Trying


You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself with this guilty pleasure. It’s immensely satisfying to find your comfy corner, explore a vast variety of content, and relax with your favorite series.

TheWatchSeries has long remained the first choice for most of us for this, but some alternatives are worth considering.

Movies and series do more than just providing entertainment. They help us understand the world around us. The content we consume appeals to our emotions, sensibilities, empathy, and intelligence. It invokes profound feelings of love, loss, joy, excitement, and fear. We live the lives of our on-screen characters, albeit only for a while, but it’s a fantastic escape- only a ploy by the mirror neurons in our brain.

The choice of opting for a P2P platform over an official streaming service may be profoundly influenced by simply the economics or the availability of that service in your country. Some of us just don’t want to buy a subscription for a few shows or only a limited period of streaming. P2P platforms are free, host a vast variety of content, and are incredibly convenient.

Why Do People Use TheWatchSeries to stream content online?


The Watch Series has been one of the most popular sites for streaming movies and TV shows. Seamless user interface and minimal ads contributed to its popularity. However, this website is no longer functional and it seems to be taken down.

However, for all you movie buffs out there, worry not. There are several alternatives with similar features and user experience. Even though they don’t replicate the user interface, bear in mind that these serve the same purpose, and if you give them a shot, you might just end up falling in love with them!

Some of these even have features that the Watch Series lacked, so you might even end up with a new favorite!

1. Yesmovies


The most popular free streaming site on the internet is best known for its brilliant thumbnail display that makes selection super easy. There is a dedicated catalog just for the series. Although not as vast as TheWatchSeries, it is still impressively expansive. It has great video quality, with the maximum resolution being 1080p.

Multiple languages are supported with sub/dub features for easy access to all viewers. It has very limited ads but the support options are also limited.

Yesmovies is one of the most popular streaming devices on which you can binge-watch some of your favorite movies and TV shows for free. The good news for series enthusiasts is that there is a whole separate catalog dedicated just for series.

 2. Fmovies

Although Fmovies is a relatively recent site, it has gained massive popularity. Its best appeal is its high-quality videos (video resolution goes up to 1080p), enhancing your experience. It also has subtitle features that make it easy to watch a foreign movie or an English movie in the noisiest hour of the day. The web design is very appealing and resembles paid OTT media platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Navigation is super easy, and most importantly, you don’t have to register to stream content. This alone makes it a popular choice, especially if you are in a region where geo-locking blocks content for you. Of course, like any other free streaming device, it comes with a few ads (1-7), nothing that an ad blocker can’t take care of. It is free and the app is available both on Android and iOS devices.

3. CineBloom


CineBloom is another free streaming device. The only annoyance is that it frequently interrupts you requesting you to check the box that you are not a robot.

The site recommends streaming with uStream server, even though it supports other servers too, because it’s faster, has no ads, and has HD video quality (1080p). It provides subtitle options too.

TV series library is not as expansive as the movie library, but you can effortlessly find the popular ones. You will also find 1-5 ads per movie or episode, a small price to pay for free streaming.

4. Sony Crackle

With its vast library, Sony Crackle is hands down the best alternative to TheWatchSeries in this regard. Additionally, it provides an option to watch clips and trailers of your favorite movie or show. The shows can be filtered based on genres.

The video quality, here too, goes up to 1080 p and subtitle support is provided.

All anime enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear about this site because you can watch anime shows along with the other mentioned genres.

 5. Vumoo


 This streaming service comes with an easy-to-use interface and has a vast library. What makes Vumoo special is that it immediately adds new releases to its catalog which are otherwise only available on some select paid streaming platforms.

However, the video streaming quality is relatively low, with the maximum resolution going up to 720p.

6. Go Stream

This streaming service has a great interface and resembles other paid streaming services. Another notable feature is the absence of frequent pop-up ads. On this website, movies can be streamed online in HD. At the same time, you can also download these videos onto your device and watch them later, even without the internet.

It has a huge library of movies and TV shows. It catalogs movies based on genre and IMDB rating which makes it easy for you to choose a movie when you’re unsure of what you want to watch.

7. Tubi


This is a very popular streaming site with HD video streaming options. New shows and movies are constantly updated on a weekly basis.

What makes tubi stand out is its range of compatibility with devices. It is not just a desktop website, it can be downloaded on many different devices. It is available on the playstore, the app store, many smart TVs and even playstation and amazon devices!

The tubi website also claims that it’s legal and therefore safe: a feature most websites that offer free streaming cannot boast of.

8. Cmovies

It has a very good UI that almost resembles Netflix. CI is very user-friendly and has a simple interface. Like Fmovies, it has the option for a viewer to request movies that aren’t available in the catalog yet. It lists movies based on genre, IMDB rating, and country. It has a separate list of TV shows and provides HD streaming services.

It includes movie and TV show suggestions based on genres, just the way Netflix or Amazon prime do.


Many of these services are blocked in various countries. However, installing a VPN can swiftly solve this problem. Some ads on these services are notorious for tricking you into clicking links that download files onto your device without your knowledge. A good ad blocker can protect you from these ads.

With these tips, you can choose the streaming service that appeals to you the most without worrying about ads and availability. Enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows for free! For more amazing recommendations head over to Majordroid.