5 Ways Fetishism Can Be Part of a Healthy Relationship

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Fetish is related to sexual excitement in response to a body part or a non-living object that is not typically related to sex, such as heels or feet. There are people who have distinctive sexual cravings and they have different expectations from their partner than others.

There are an enormous number of different sexual fetishes, and out of which some are fairly tame, while others may be more surprising. A person might also need an object to smell, taste, rub or hold to masturbate, or they might even ask their mate to use or wear it during sex. Check here to look into a few well known fetishes of people.

Few of the Most Common Fetishes

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People have different fetishes, and it can be anything. According to a study and research, the most common fetishes found in people are involved with body parts, such as body structure, feet, obesity, tattoos, piercing. The most common amongst all the above are feet. Body size, hair, and body fluid are also a few of the common fetishes seen in people.

After body part fetishes, the following most common known fetishes are the thing that is worn. As per the study, it has been seen, things that are worn on legs and hips are generally part of fetishes. Such as skirts, heels, Stockings, underwear, boots, etc.

Next are the fetishes, which are involved with things that can be felt, such as the feel of specific clothing material. Cloth materials such as rubber or leather are very common. It is also seen that people like to dress their partner and themselves in furry animal costumes.

How do Fetishes Emerge?

People can have the attraction from childhood, much before they were even aware of any sexual context. Fetish can emerge from watching adult movies or sexual behavior that is inappropriate or even from sexual abuse that a person sees in childhood.

Fetish in Relationship

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Sex Fetish of your partner can have a great deal in your relationship. This can affect a relationship in a healthy way or even destroy few relationships or not affect it.

There might be cases when you don’t like your partner’s fetish, but that should be a significant worry or concern, and maximum couples are happy without compromising with the fetish. There is no compulsion to participate in something which you don’t prefer.

It is not always necessary that fetishes can only bring bad to your relationship. Fetishism can be a part of a healthy relationship too.

  1. Complying with your partner’s fetishes can make the sexual life of your relationship more enjoyable and blissful. Suppose the fetish does not cause any harm or is something that you don’t like at all. In that case, you can give it a try to make your relationship more strong as sex is an integral part of your relationship, and making your partner happy can make your relationship healthy and strong.
  2. Knowing your partner better will make you more close to them. Learning your partner involves everything, including their sexual desires and fetishes. You should talk to them about it, and if they are hesitant to tell you, do your own background check to know about it as it would not just help you realize it but also would make you more close to your partner as now you can be more comfortable without any secret.
  3. Every partner wants to feel special, and everyone wants to make their partner feel special. By participating in your mates’ fetishes, you would make your partner feel unique, as they would know that you might be coming out of your comfort zone to make them happy and satisfied, which can play a great part in making your relationship healthy.
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  4. There are so many ways to have sex, and there is nothing correct or wrong as far as it is done by consent. Fetishism is sometimes seen as a mental disorder, which can only be said if the fetish is causing distress, or social impairment, etc. In most cases, a fetish is absolutely normal, and if both the partners have the same fetish, this would be a perfect pair and can lead to a strong relationship.
  5. Evaluate your sex fetishes in the room insofar as both you and your accomplice are prepared for it. Assuming you make some great memories with it, this could turn into a classic piece of your sexual coexistence. Some sex fetishes are viewed as more “ordinary” than others and will not appear to be hazardous to consolidate. Others may be somewhat on the surprising side and could be a mixed bag, in a manner of speaking. You’ll need to perceive how things work out since it’s consistently conceivable that a sex obsession will sound great on paper and not actually be so fun by and by. Ask your accomplice for legitimate input after you’ve engaged in sexual relations and perceive how things went.


It is difficult to define normal as per as sex is concerned. There are people who have different desires which are not considered usual. It’s certainly acceptable to find out about your sex partner so you can bond. Opening up with each other can possibly help you become an intimate couple. You could end up drawing much nearer to one another and having a tighter sexual bond than ever.

Feeling good enough with someone else to disclose the entirety of your sexual longings are extreme. There are people who never feel adequately good to discuss certain things. Assuming you believe your partner and you realize that they love you, opening up about your sexual fetishism can be acceptable, and the practice of it can make your relationship healthier.