5 Types Of Construction Cradles & How To Choose The Best One

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When it comes to renovating a building, the modern market offers a large number of modern machines and constructions that help us in our work. Facing the facade, installing external insulation, or, say, washing windows on a multi-store height can be a serious task.

In such works, we use the help of the multifunctional building constructions, which we call construction cradles. What all types of construction cradles can we use and how to choose the best one – we will try to answer in this text.

Construction Cradles And Their Practical Application

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From ancient times, various constructions have helped us facilitate the repair and construction of different facilities. In the past, wooden scaffolding was used for any construction work. However, with the modernization and technology – they are assembled with a much better design, more reliable materials, and many auxiliary elements. That way, they are guaranteeing more precise and productive work. These constructions are easy to install and this allows skilled craftsmen to finish work faster.

The Role Of Construction Cradles In Building Renovation

Facade compositions and decorative plasters may require renovation from time to time.  According to experts from Lakeside-hire.co.uk facade compositions and decorative plasters may require renovation from time to time. Depending on climate change, the durability of the exterior of the building can be improved with the help of special construction cradles. They are used as an aid in the work and allow not only rough repairs – but also solving small cracks, repairing gutters, lighting, ventilation, and so on. Every building after a certain number of years will require renovation. Balconies are often the main area to be renovated. If we want multi-story buildings to preserve their original aesthetics – we will do so with the help of a practical setup of construction cradle and of course, skilled professionals.

Various Types Of Construction Cradles

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The division of such constructions by types can be made according to several different criteria – for example, according to the material from which they were made, the purpose of the scaffolding, the technology used, the composition, and the method and the way they function. You can look on this website at what they can all be utilized for. We are giving you just a hint on why they are extremely important in construction working.

1. Working Platforms

A work platform is actually a platform that rises to an appropriate level where work is going to be safely performed. It should provide a safe space and have enough strength to withstand the load of workers, their tools – and materials needed for work. These platforms are usually raised by hydraulics and should be equipped with a footplate and a protective rail.

The “Cage” Construction Cradle

This model of construction cradle is usually utilized in interiors. We mostly use them for performing work inside the big buildings, etc. Such a construction cradle is mostly utilized when working on ceilings or vaults. It is composed of parallel rows of profiles, which are connected by heads in both ways so they can support the platform.

2. Hanging Construction Cradles

Such a construction cradle hangs on the main structure in one position utilizing steel chains or ropes. It resembles the scaffolding from the previous category. However, this one has a free space under the platform. This benefit makes them suitable for working in facilities like theaters, or other spaces that need to remain in operation.

3. Suspended Construction Cradles

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This type of scaffolding is composed of several elements. It has a platform for work, that is suspended on the top of the structure, usually by cantilever beams or bars that can raise and lower it. That way, the access to a place where you’re supposed to perform work is less demanding. This kind of construction cradle is mostly utilized for building maintenance, washing windows, etc. It is common for high-rise buildings to be furnished with a permanent girder system at roof level.

4. Scaffolding With Console

This is an independent scaffolding that is attached to the building at only one end. The other side is usually left hanging or being exposed. Such a construction cradle is extremely efficient because it gives you access to places that would be difficult and uneconomical to reach by using any other scaffolding system that raises from the ground. Workers working on such construction cradles should be equipped and using safety belts

5. Mobile Construction Cradles

Also known as a tower, this model of construction cradle is composed of pre-prepared components or frames – and is equipped with wheels that allow it to be mobile. So you can move it from one place to some other place where you need it. They are usually used in locations where multiple rooms require access for small maintenance interventions – or at places where the regular scaffolding would have to be moved a lot which is quite a problem sometimes.

Construction Cradle Selection And Installation

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Many companies rent such cradles for different types of work. The offer also includes those types that are more suitable for works that require their mobility. Also, we have those that can be extremely quickly assembled and dismantled. Also, there are those installed in several directions, those made of hewn timber or steel, etc. Whatever type it is, since it is used for work at height, the assembly is approached carefully. Scaffolding is necessary to be well fastened and safe for the work of an individual. Scaffolding can have both protective elements on the sides and grounding – and the rental price will certainly vary depending on their convenience and practical purpose.


Today, modern construction and maintenance of buildings would not be possible without the help of construction cradles. We use them as a good solution to maintain large buildings, multi-story buildings and make them look more beautiful. Regardless of their size, such buildings must be maintained. It happens that a part of the facade falls off, and sometimes it is a matter of maintaining gutters, roofs, etc. Even the simplest washing of window panes requires that people be lifted to the desired height with the help of such scaffolding. We hope that you will now have a better understanding of what to look for when choosing a construction cradle. Certainly, in addition to the purpose, safety and reliability are the main selection criteria.