6 Ways to Give Away Free Stuff

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Currently, people are providing free stuff frequently to others who are in need. In addition to that, some people give away things freely, which they no longer want to keep. People feel that offering their unwanted things to others is more beneficial than throwing them out.

From billionaires to small shop owners, many people out there are contributing free stuff in various forms. Are you curious about how to deliver free things to others? In that case, make sure to read this post because we have incorporated several best ways to give away free stuff.

1. Selling Them To Free Online Stores

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As of now, there are plenty of free stuff websites. If you want, you can directly give away your stuff freely to those sites so that people can buy whatever they want. Here are some of those websites.


FreeStuff.com is loaded with various kinds of free items, including household items, electronics, and many more.


This website allows you to send and acquire free stuff. Here you can find a wide variety of things from clothes to trending appliances.


Here is another free stuff website that is home to top-level and useful things like household products and discount coupons for cafes and online shopping.

2. Charity And Donations

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One best way to provide free stuff is through donations and charity events. For instance, if there are some charitable organizations, you can send several things freely, including clothes, food, appliances, and other necessities. Another way is to organize free stuff give-away camp so other people can also contribute a few items.

3. Free Rewards And Gifts

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You can donate stuff like gifts, buying rewards, shopping offers, and coupons freely to other people. In addition to that, holding a competition and offering free prizes to all the participants is another way to give away free stuff efficiently.

4. Giving Free Product Samples

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If you have a business that sells products related to food or cosmetics, it is better to give free product samples to visitors. This is not only one best way to provide free stuff but also increases the company’s sales.

5. Free Investments

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Some big businessmen often tend to give stuff in the form of free investments. A few people support the startups and small companies who need initial funds by making free investments in those businesses. You can check out Nexin Startups to find out how the rich give away free stuff.

6. Sponsoring People

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Sponsoring people for their education or employment is another form of giving away free stuff. For example, you can sponsor a student who wants to continue further studies but does not have enough capital resources so that they can study freely.

Bottom Line

Like we discussed here, there are several ways to give away free stuff. Some people provide free things in the form of gifts, rewards, while others give them as donations and charity works. Hence, if you want to get free stuff, you can browse online on specific websites, organize charity events, and many more.


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