1984 pdf free download by George Orwell

1984 pdf download

Summary of 1984

1984 pdf free download by George Orwell, who was an English novelist. This novel is considered to be the best novel in the twenty century. It is a dystopian fiction marvel. George Orwell is regarded as best English novelist of his times. A movie was also made in this novel.

The story revolves around Winston Smith, who was a member of an Outer party owned by a character named Big Brother. He used to rewrite historical records. The whole world at that time was the victim of perpetual war. All people were somehow spied and their activities were even observed by two-way screens. Winston was against the policies of his party. He wanted to be a rebel. Mr. Charington was the owner of an antique shop where Winston used to visit, He bought a diary to write rebellious thoughts of him in it from this antique shop. While working in the ministry of truth, he has doubts about Julia. Julia has a hatred for the party.

His coworker might be spying him but he came to know later she loved him. This was against the laws of the party because intercourse was only meant for reproduction to the party. Syme, his colleague who was writing newspeak told him it was being written to finish the thinking of the human mind. Winston and Julia came to know about how the party maintains power. They both were caught and imprisoned. They came to know Mr. Charington was an undercover agent. Winston was tortured and humiliated in prison. But when agreed to Obrien, who was a though police agent for obeying laws of the party.

With the passage of time he was not treated badly and he accepted his defeat. He convinces himself to carry outlaws. He admitted once he hated Big Brother. For bringing him to the right path Obrien put him to Room 101 i.e. a torture cell in the basement. He was tortured by his biggest fear rats there. Winston ditched Julia and asks to give his punishment to her. After getting out of prison, they meet once and then they part their ways. In the end, Winston was sitting in a café and admitted that he loved Big Brother.

Overall, 1984 pdf is an excellent novel.it tries to provoke the thinking power of its reader. There are many words used, that were later added to the dictionary. This dystopian is a marvelous fiction. It has an excellent plot that makes it even more interesting. But the end of this novel was really different from what I expected it to be. It kept me in suspense until the end. One of the best novels to read. Get the ebook pdf free from below link



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