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Trying the generic version of Pink by Victorias secret?!

Hey everyone whats up?! The other day my mom decide to get me this Little perfume set from the dollar store.( aka Dollar General, )Thanks mom! And later when I opened it I realized that it was like a generic version of Victorias Secret pink . I thought it would be cool if I tried it out for you guys. So I did some research and its from a company called Diamond Collection luxurious fragrances. Heres the link: : They basically remake their own version of a expensive perfume or body mist... etc. And sell it for a cheaper price. So as I explain in the video I got their version of Pink all my heart by Victorias Secret . I really did like this set but definitely wasnt my favorite. Because it was very very light scented. Otherwise I definitely recommend ! If I were rating this I would definitely give it a âïâïïâïï1/2 star . Some Things I Didnt Mention •The body mist bottle does leak a little. Even when it is completely closed • The lotion is a little thick . (Not much at all) You do have to use a little bit more sometimes....depending..... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Last video: Instagram:shalom.denise forget to like and subscribe! Music credit : Sofia Carson Back to Beautiful: : Ps. I hope when I said that my mom got this for me . That it didnt sound bad. I honestly was just trying to give her the credit , since she was so sweet to get it for me .Love you mom! âïïIll see you guys later If youre still reading thi
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